Phil Ivey Exclusive Interview About the Ivey Poker App


Yesterday, Phil Ivey gave an exclusive interview in which he revealed why the Ivey Poker app has become a passion of his and how it has led to him playing on it almost every day. When asked why he created the Ivey Poker app, he explained that many people asking him for poker advice gave him the inspiration to create an app where players could play and learn for free from the best players in the world. He stressed the point of how this is not only a unique opportunity in the poker industry, but that this is something which is not possible in any sport.

“That’s the great thing about poker, that anyone can beat anyone. That’s what makes poker the best game in the world.”


When further talking about the exclusive features of the Ivey Poker app, he adamantly explained that it offers instructional videos, multi-tabling and “a lot of different options that other apps don’t have. It allows a new player that doesn’t know anything about poker to learn how to play poker […} from the best players in the world […]”, concluding that with,

“This creates a really good opportunity for people to stay engaged, play hands of poker and learn how to play as they’re playing.”

As to how exactly players can learn from the Team Ivey pros on the Ivey Poker app, he said,

“Since it’s a play-for-fun play-for-free site, you can ask questions to the professionals about the hands.”

Phil Ivey continued by explaining how he plays on the app and how likely it is to be able to play against him,

“I stay at the same table for 15-20 minutes and I move to another table so there is a very good chance you get to play with me or one of the other pros.”

Finally, Phil was enthusiastic when talking about his vision for the Ivey Poker app,

“I’ve put a lot of time and energy into building this product, I’m the one that started the whole thing, my skin is in the game and I’m super passionate about it. I think it’s going to do very well and I think it’s really good for poker. I can’t wait to give it a serious push and take it to market. We have something really special and I’m excited about it”

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