Poker Community Discusses How to Spend Full Tilt Poker Refunds


Our Sexy Funny Crazy barrel just can’t get enough and this time the famous TwoPlusTwo forum talks about how to spend Full Tilt Poker refunds.

A Quick Recap on Full Tilt Poker Refunds

Following the US federal crackdown on April 15, 2011, aka Black Friday, Full Tilt Poker players could no longer access their poker funds on the FTP site. Despite many promises for refunds, as part of a settlement deal between the US government, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars; nothing ever materialized. According to the US Department of Justice press release, “Full Tilt Poker owed approximately $390 million to players around the world, including approximately $160 million to players in the United States.  At that time, Full Tilt Poker had only approximately $60 million on deposit in its bank accounts.”

Then in March of 2013, the Garden City Group announced that US players on Full Tilt Poker would be refunded and that they should start filing their claims from September 16th, 2013. They provided a 60-day window for filing claims in their announcement that read:

“Starting on September 16, 2013, GCG will email a Notice with instructions on how to submit a Petition for Remission online to all potentially eligible claimants identified by GCG utilizing data supplied by Full Tilt Poker (“FTP”). The deadline to submit a Petition for Remission is November 15, 2013. Instructions concerning the filing of Petitions will be included in the Notice and will be posted on this website. Please continue to check this website for updates. Please note that the registration process for email notification is no longer available.”

Current Situation on Full Tilt Poker Refunds

Time went by and here we are…the 24th of October 2013, less than a month away from the deadline. So far, people filed their petitions in full excitement, some received emails while others just waited and got older by the day. Either way people are still positive that if not by Christmas this year, then at least by early 2014, they will have received their Full Tilt Poker refunds. Here’s what TwoPlusTwo forum member 2Pretty2Lose had to say,

To celebrate the Full Tilt Poker refunds, here’s a thread where the TwoPlusTwo forum talks about how to spend the FTP refund. Originally created by neuroplastic, the thread quickly filled with crazy and funny posts about how TwoPlusTwo forum members would spend their FTP refunds,

To this TONZ replied,

But not everyone was ready to go under the knife…for instance this is what the frustrated (and hungry!) Brilliant27 had to say,

While dnkyhunter31 thought,

Fellow member joeyrulesall asked,

To this mahnahmahnah answered,

FTP refunds in 2020? $1? Well, hoping that they receive their Full Tilt Poker refunds as soon as possible, lamma404 and pig4bill knew exactly how they were going to spend them,

But for JamesD816 the thought of Full Tilt Poker refunds came out as funny sarcasm:

Whether JamesD816 goes to see Rocky 29 with his wife and four kids or not, Weeks knows exactly how to spend Full Tilt Poker refunds:

Final Thoughts on Full Tilt Poker Refunds

Many people were shattered when the terrifying incident of Black Friday emerged because they either depended on playing poker for financial stability or simply enjoyed playing online poker. We do hope that these players are refunded as soon as possible and if you’re awaiting your Full Tilt Poker refunds, join the conversation and tell us how you would spend your refunds!

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