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Welcome to PokerFaceNews – a site dedicated to providing you with fresh and unbiased poker news and exclusive stories from around the world. We believe in proving you with the right information no matter how critical it may be – because we know you can’t be bothered Googling!

We have a team of young poker enthusiasts who love to go out there, get some stories and write them for our viewers to read and derive value from. While some of our writers were already poker-friendly, others gladly took the opportunity to develop a passion for the game and learn the basics to be able to write quality poker-rated articles.

How It All Started…

Back in 2013, the only thing I had on my mind was to give back to the poker community for all the love and support I received thanks to my strong network. For me it made sense to write great news, quality content and exclusive stories that would be worth their support. I knew that this task couldn’t be accomplished without a great team of writers, social media experts, designers and editors. So the hiring process began and we started welcoming more and more people to our vision, our goal and our family. Some of the writers that we hired had very little poker knowledge but that didn’t discourage instead, we sat down and came up with training sessions to compensate each other’s skills.

Why PokerFaceNews

Our team of writers, social media experts, designers and editors are focused, trained and committed to providing quality material that will add value to your knowledge bank. No matter how critical matters may be, you can be rest assured that PokerFaceNews will deliver information that it considers to be valuable to its readers. Our level of commitment along with our reach in the community, the quality and frequency of our content provides a rich background for poker lovers all around the world.

We boast a young team of poker fanatics, who are ready to take up exclusive articles, spice them up so they’re sexy, funny and/or crazy or group a few articles together to give viewers a three way action! They can write rich information in 100 words and serve that as morning quickie or write detailed reports or analysis under the gun. What’s more, they know their poker legends and can write exclusives about player focus and at the end of the month, they’ll hand out the poker boss. All this coupled with great designs and rich content! It can’t get any more exciting that that!

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Reader’s Choice

You get to vote from a list of poker topics on a monthly basis and we will write about the topic you voted for. Here’s where YOU hold the POWER!


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Poker Stud

We give our viewers the chance to become the monthly PokerFaceNews star! Send in your success story to article@pokerfacenews.com.swtest.ru and on a monthly basis, we will publish the best story. Writing skills are NOT required! Just hand in your story and we’ll handle the rest!

Our Strength

Apart from our team, our strength also lies in our categories. PokerFaceNews provides the following categories to its readers:

Explore what’s making the poker world tick through the eyes and opinions of the experts. From current events to the state of the game, your inside scoop is right here.

Morning Quickie
Get your daily bite-sized dose of breaking news from around the poker world!

Player Focus
Discover the unique personalities that make poker special, one pro at a time.

Poker Boss
Who’s dominating the game this month? Find out and learn a bit about this month’s Poker Boss.

Poker Legends
Get an inside glimpse into the lives and history behind poker’s greatest players past and present.

Fantasy Sports

Get the latest fantasy sports updates about MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, College Football and College Basketball.

Sexy Funny Crazy
The title says it all. We present to you the poker news that’s sexy, funny and/or crazy. Prepare yourself for some funny gifs, memes, vines and sarcasm to go along with it!

Three Way Action
The biggest weekly poker stories all together – its 3-Way Action!

Under The Gun
Get the rundown on the newest developments, happenings, and news stories from around the poker world and understand what it all means.

No matter what your taste, we’ve got it all covered!

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