The Ivey Room – No Longer Ivey’s Room?


A huge surprise hit the Twitterverse on the 29th of September 2013 when @_tizzle tweeted about the Aria Resort & Casino discussing a new sign for the prestigious Ivey Room. The photo accompanying the tweet hinted that a name change was in order for the exclusive one-table high stakes room. That is, unless the legendary Phil Ivey – whom the room was rightfully named after – also had his initials changed from IP to AG.

RIP Ivey Room? Long live A.G.400! @ARIAPoker #discuss #NewSign

– *TT* (@_tizzle) September 30, 2013

It can be recalled that the Ivey Room opened up on the 22nd of May 2010 and was dubbed as the “best high-end poker room anywhere in the world” by Bill McBeath, the president of Aria Resort & Casino. It only made sense for their high-end room to be named after a stellar poker player like Ivey. However, with the tweet in circulation, speculations arose about an impending name change for the high-class poker room. And with the management of Aria Resort & Casino keeping mum about the matter, poker fans could only guess who or what AG 400 stands for.

Some poker fans’ curiosity about the Ivey Room name change couldn’t be quenched with silence, thus a 2p2 thread about the issue was started. The4thFilm posted images of his hunches, including the satirical fictional character Ali G:

stonesfcr, on the other hand, was transported to a completely different era:

Biggmarkk made an unlikely yet humorous guess about the new meaning of the Ivey Room name change:

However, AllBlackDan had an ‘anal view’ of the room’s new name:

But whatever AG 400 stands for, the Ivey Room name change will likely leave hardcore Ivey fans looking like this:

What do you think AG 400 means?

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