Vanessa Rousso Pursues Music Career

We’re back again with today’s Sexy Funny Crazy stuff and this time it’s all about the mademoiselle who, after an unsuccessful soul read, made a move with J6o and mucked against QQ – Vanessa Rousso! Other than poker and soul reading, Vanessa Rousso has another passion, something which enables her to connect with people, something she doesn’t really get from poker. No, it’s not charity or a trip to central Africa, this one’s more upbeat, more hip-hop and… [insert Austin Powers accent…] groovier baby!

How It All Began For Vanessa Rousso

What better way than to hear about it than from her own mouth:


We’ve come to know that soul reader Vanessa Rousso has been bitten by the music bug. Not only does she want to be known as a poker player but also as a famous DJ and to accomplish that dream she took online contemporary music classes from the Berklee College of Music. Check it out:

Vanessa Rousso and her Musical Career Interview


Here’s what she had to say about her affair with music,

“I’ve always really been into music. Even as a poker player, I realized early on that if I’m listening to a certain song, it really didn’t matter what kind of bad mood I was in or what beat I had taken, it could turn my whole mood around…”

Everyone has their own way of dealing with bad beats and it seems that Vanessa has found hers and has decided to put a whole lot more focus on it,

“I became so fascinated with music that I actually wanted to go beyond just listening to it and learn how to break it down and compose my own songs”

That’s great and we do appreciate people who go out there and share their hobbies and passions with the world but all the while people are entitled to their own opinions. She seemed to attract a lot of haters on the TwoPlusTwo forums – some gave reasons for why they didn’t think she was good while others seemed to just be getting their fill of being trolls and hating for the sake of hating.

Coming back to her recent video, she was also quoted saying,

“It’s very challenging to make music. It can take 60 to 180 hours of work to make just one 2 to 3 minute song. So there’s a lot that goes into it…So after I had composed about 200 different songs, I realized I needed a way to play them for people…so next step DJ!”

After listening to that, n0ble and forbyboy wondered:

Well safe to say that Vanessa puts lots of effort into making music and…what? Pulling duck faces? Oh, c’mon!

It’s a pity that no famous female personality is ever able to be judged without having people comment on their physical looks in some way or other, but that’s just part of the game. In any case, Vanessa Rousso should hardly be one to complain when it comes to physical looks…

Based on her video, every time she came out with a new piece of music, she would share it with her friends. This led her to eventually being introduced to Lisa Pittman, considered by many as the hottest DJ in Las Vegas, which was where it all began. She revealed that during the course of the year, she and her new friend Lisa would be playing and promoting 6-10 major parties. With both their contacts, those should make for some great parties!

According to Vanessa Rousso, DJ’ing is a lot like reading people at the poker table because “you have to read the dance floor and the crowd…”

She went on to say that,

“The thing about music is that you’re actually connecting with people and making them feel positive emotions in a very different way from the way I interact with people at the poker table and it was kind of like the missing link for me. It was like your soul kind of like has the need to connect with other people…”

Needless to say, Vanessa Rousso is a fantastic poker player and a beautiful woman but her passion for singing and music grabbed the limelight this year.

Final Thoughts on Vanessa Rousso

For Vanessa Rousso the need for connecting with people in a more positive way is as important as playing professional poker on the felt. Her step towards music will not only polish her skills but will also give other poker players an opportunity for how to spark a conversation next time they’re playing with her. Time to end this article, but here are some Vanessa Rousso remixes if you want to hear more. Enjoy the beat and meanwhile don’t forget to check out the exciting offers that BetFred is providing to new poker players!

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