All American Dave For A Key To More WSOP Bracelets

All American Dave foods are currently selling like hot cakes in this year’s World Series of Poker. David Swanson, founder of All American Dave, guarantees that every meal is portioned to include a proper balance of micronutrients to fuel the body, and what’s more, they deliver fresh meals directly to the table so the player can focus on the rest of their poker game.

All American Dave: A Healthy Approach To WSOP Bracelets

In 2011, All American Dave made a debut in the world of poker by preparing top quality meals for many of the world’s professional poker players, and it is worthy to note that a total of eight WSOP bracelets were won in 2011 by pros who ate All American Dave meals. According to Swanson, eating healthy food does help improve a player’s poker game.

It was yet another amazing year at the 2012 WSOP for All American Dave when his clients won 11 bracelets and millions of dollars. One of his clients, Sorel Mizzi, who won the High Roller in WPT Vienna, had this to say,

“I definitely changed my eating habits a lot. I used to eat anything and everything. I am much more disciplined today. I have All American Dave helping me out during this series, which has been great. He makes these amazing meals that help fuel my body…”

And that’s not all there is to it as Jennifer Tilly,the 2005 $1,000 Ladies Only Event – NLHE winner, had this to say about All American Dave,

“Dave makes delicious and healthy food that facilitates optimum performance.  His delivery service couldn’t be more convenient, and gives me one less thing to worry about during the World Series of Poker.  Meals are varied, and nutritionally balanced…”

All American Dave is certainly a popular meal choice in the WSOP as poker pros have nothing but praise for it. Phil Laak, the pro who took down the 2010 WSOP ?2,500 NLHE – Six Handed said,

“All American Dave is stone cold nuts.  He was instrumental in my getting the Guinness Record for the longest session ever.  Perfect fuel delivery!  When it comes to nutrition All American Dave is the man.  And that he can bring it right to you makes it all that much better…”

The Importance Of Healthy Eating For Better Runs

Healthy eating is essential to one’s health and well-being, and even adds some spice to one’s poker game. Healthy eating can be very simple to achieve at home but at a poker table, it proves to be a challenging, and often times, a daunting task. For a player to improve their stamina, memory, concentration and overcome fatigue, eating the right types of food at the right times while they play poker can ultimately improve their overall game.

Unlike the body, the brain cannot store energy and for that reason, it requires a constant supply of nutrients to remain active and alert. Eating small amounts of healthy food throughout long periods of play does not only free the body from stress, but it also allows the brain to remain active and alert for longer periods of time.

As poker pros advance in their game, so do the hours they spend grinding at the felt. Fighting the exhaustion and dreariness that sets in after long hours of play can become just as challenging as the game itself. If the body is not fed with suitable nourishment, the brain soon becomes unfocused and ‘fuzzy’. Therefore, eating the right nutrition is extremely necessary regardless if a player is in for a short or long day of poker.

The fastest and the easiest fare at the poker room are greasy fried foods, but the dull and the ‘I’m-too-full’ feeling that they leave causes players to want to hit the sack instead of furnishing them with the mental capacity to continue long grinds at the table.

Without a doubt, poker players spend years trying to study the intricate strategies of the game, but playing tactics are not the only strategic moves players need to make on the felt. They also need to be able to differentiate between healthy food and those that provide a temporary burst of energy.

So the next time you’re sitting at one of the WSOP tables, be sure to check out All American Dave for yourselves!

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