The Enduring Enigma Of The Great Luke Schwartz – Twitter Rant


English poker player Luke Schwartz recently ranted on Twitter about his PokerStars account. For those who were dying to see it will unfortunately no longer be able to view it on his Twitter profile as the rant is not available. Caring to feed your curiosity, TwoPlusTwo journeyman “TheShanachie” came up with the following thread:

For newbie scout123 this is a:

There Is A Light’s out-of-the-box thinking:

Centurion vorvzakone’s response:

In the end, here are cthrilla’s words of wisdom:

Dying to see the rant? You’re not the only one:

@patg2poker @__fullflush1__ Where did the Tweet rant go?! I heard about it, was dying to see it! Luke Schwartz is the Boss #fullflush

– Graeme Manning (@graehound1982) September 13, 2013

cthrilla was right, the famous rant on twitter can be found here.

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