Could the PokerLeaks Website Prevent or Expose Scammers More Effectively?

The world of poker, whether online or offline, has a long history of scams and frauds. From terrifying laptop disappearances at the Arts Hotel in Barcelona to using invisible ink to mark cards, nothing ever seems to deter scammers. Back in 2010, TwoPlusTwo member J_V created a thread to discuss multi-accounting but as time went by, the thread emerged with possible ways to expose scammers by creating a site called PokerLeaks. The aim of this site was to expose hackers, scammers and fake poker sites to save people from misfortunes. Fellow member Admo pointed out:

What they needed now was someone to man the venture, someone who had the time to look things up and verify information. This is what Nick Rivers had to say in regards to that,

To which NoahSD replied,

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts, the PokerLeaks site never launched and nothing ever materialized. Maybe NoahSD had other plans? Maybe there wasn’t enough time?

But this time the TwoPlusTwo forum came up with a solution – the need for a functional PokerLeaks site that not only exposes scams and frauds that haven’t been publicized but also those that have been made public. The aim of PokerLeaks would be to list down frauds and scams in the history of poker as well as to inform players about safe sites to play on so that they could avoid being robbed of their precious poker earnings.

In a thread called ‘Is it time for POKERLEAKS? Out cheaters, scammers etc’, TwoPlusTwo forum member callingking  asked fellow members about the idea of uncovering scammers and contributing to the poker community. He suggested some qualified people, like NoahSD, who would be good candidates for managing this venture while simultaneously exposing the bad guys in the world of poker. To this, SGT RJ responded by saying,

While some thought that the idea of having all the information regarding various scams in a more streamlined manner would benefit players as well as poker sites, contributor ChicagoRy came up with his question,

To which Hero Value replied,

And LolZombies too gave his two cents,

But for Howard Beale, the point of having a PokerLeaks site dedicated to exposing scammers was pointless because according to him,

When it came to scandals and frauds, John Mehaffey – also known as – Pokeraddict came up with his out-of-the-box thinking and mentioned,

jalexand42 stated that he would have liked to get involved but:

While other fellow TwoPlusTwo members were thinking about how they would expose the scammers, RonMexico was more concerned with changing the PokerLeaks name:

With the rise in poker scams, it makes perfect sense to come up with a definite solution that will put an end to the miseries and hardships that players have had to face. While the TwoPlusTwo forum and other social media channels are a great way to expose scammers and prevent misery, having a PokerLeaks website would provide a more unbiased source of information that players can easily refer to. In my opinion if there are more and more scams and the trend doesn’t stop, whether PokerLeaks gets created or not, something has to change. But if PokerLeaks does materialize it will prove to be an interesting turn of events. The best thing to do would be to help in any way you can or offer your opinion on the thread.

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