Poker Room Etiquette

When playing online poker, you are expected to follow a certain level of “poker etiquette”. Violation of proper etiquette may result in your online poker account being closed down and you being blacklisted.

  1. Only sign up for one online poker account per online poker room. This is a standard rule at all online poker rooms. Do not try to take advantage of receiving multiple bonuses or you will indeed get caught and booted.
  2. Be patient with other poker players at your table. If one is taking too long and you feel the need to make a statement, please do so politely. It’s possible the player may be having connection problems or thinking out some strategy. Respect your fellow poker peers as you would like them to respect you.
  3. Avoid collusion. Online poker rooms have security staff watching irregular play and/or suspicious activity. Keep all chat in English and do not discuss hands while they are being played. Remember, act the same way you want to be acted upon.
  4. Avoid selecting a poker username that is offensive. Don’t swear or badmouth others at the tables either. If you’re a hostile type of player, instead of using your aggression to create some nasty username, let your creative juices flow and expend energy on something that may create fear in a strategic way at the table 😉
  5. Again, do not partner up with somebody at your table and use that to your advantage in any way. There are many clowns out there known as poker cheats that have all kinds of great ideas about how to get over on the players, software, or poker room but it’s all for not. Suspicious activity is detected, and you will be caught and blacklisted.

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