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What is the Gus Hansen Net Worth? Is Gus Hansen broke?

“Gus Hansen net worth” and “Gus Hansen broke” are the two most popular search terms which include his name and the forums are reeling with comments about how much longer his bankroll will last him and how he actually got all the money he’s been burning on the virtual felt in the first place. This is Part 2 (Part 1 here) of our first ever Readers Choice article, where our readers choose the topic, and we write the article!

While nobody can claim to know how much money Hansen has, he does have a number of sources of income. He was a founding partner of, which sold for $15m in 2005, he arguably made a significant amount of money as a world-class backgammon player, he has probably made uncounted millions playing live high stakes cash games and he has money from celebrity endorsements, from appearing on TV, and from being a Full Tilt Poker pro. In Gus’s own words,

“I still have money in my pocket. My online numbers aren’t looking too pretty, but I can still afford a sandwich.”

Will Hansen ever again play profitably against the best pros out there?

So we know that Hansen’s poker losses aren’t leaving him hungry, but the bigger, more interesting question is: Will Gus ever have what it takes to beat the creme de la creme of online poker pros?

If Gus had spent the last year meticulously studying his opponents, reviewing all sessions and giving all his tables his full on concentration, the answer would most likely be “No”. Doing all that work and still losing would be a sign that online poker wasn’t made for him. But Hansen readily admits that he was rusty, that he was not concentrating enough on the games and that variance had gotten the best of him. So I believe that he does have what it takes to compete at the highest stakes online, but that he’s just not applying himself enough to do what’s required.

Also then of course comes the problem of his unhealthy habit of always playing the best players in which ever game he chooses to play in. He argues that it is the best way to learn, but it’s certainly a very expensive way to learn too. In his interview with FlopTurnRiver on November 5th, 2013, he responded with the following when asked what his goals were:

“A little more selective [in regards to table selection], play better, that’s basically my goal right now.”

So again, Gus knows what he is doing wrong, and it’s all a matter of whether or not he will have the discipline to change his old ways. Another main reason for why I think Gus still has the potential to be considered a top online pro was his incredible heater between Oct. 2010 and March 2011 where he made $8m. There is just no way that this money won or even most of this money can be put down to pure luck, he definitely was doing something right. Either way, I wish Gus the best of luck and hope that one day he will get his mojo back :).

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