Dan Blitz Bilzerian – Poker Boss, Venture Capitalist and part-time actor

Italian sports cars, stacks of cash, guns, girls, high stakes poker, luxury yachts, private jets, more guns and more girls…meet Dan Bilzerian (a.k.a. “Blitz”). The venture capitalist by trade, part-time Hollywood actor and full-time thrill seeker, has garnered attention from all over the world. A daredevil with a lavish lifestyle and carefree spirit, meet the international playboy men envy and women adore.

Bilzerian, 32, is the son of a Wall Street businessman who watched his father serve jail time in the late 80’s for corporate fraud. He left his “less than enjoyable childhood” for the military at 19, he served 4 years before ruffling militant feathers. He was kicked out of SEAL training two days before graduation when he called his commanding officer a “p***y”.

His military training spurred an appetite for guns and lots of them. His Instagram account is a display case for an extensive collection of weapons that include high-powered rifles, semi-automatics and gold encrusted handguns. Bilzerian never shies away from his stance on gun control, his defense of the Second Amendment has remained steadfast over the years.

His first blip on the poker radar was courtesy of ESPN, Bilzerian was living every poker player’s dream with his signature deep run in the 2009 World Series of Poker. The bright lights of the Main Event turn home game heroes into poker superstars overnight, Bilzerian embraced the spotlight.

He pushed his poker appetite to the brink in 2011 when he flew between Hawaii and Las Vegas twice within three days. His 24-hour poker binge (without sleep) spurred a heart attack, his third before the age of 30. He checked himself out of the hospital and sent this tweet “First thing I did when I got home was shower & sex…Going for a run, I’ll bet a million dollars I don’t die. Any takers?”

Blitz has been outspoken about the usually quiet nature of high-stakes home games, he made public comments when Major League Baseball’s biggest star faced illegal gambling accusations. He came to Arod’s defense claiming he wasn’t in violation because he was at the game and “didn’t see him”.

He ousted Tobey Maguire for slow play, claiming “he was taking forever in a real big game, he took 15 minutes to chop a little pot”. His bold remarks about the former Superman star continued, “The guy is supposed to be worth $40 or $50 million and he’s quivering over $4,000. It was annoying, he was cheap”.

His fast paced lifestyle produces more than just social media pictures of wrecked Ferraris and tricked out Bentley’s, Bilzerian has earned cold hard cash from his love of luxury vehicles. Blitz made headline news when he turned the Las Vegas Motor Speedway into his own personal racetrack. He organized the highest-stakes drag race in history when his 1965 A/C Cobra beat the 2011 Ferrari 458, which was widely considered the fastest car in the world. Blitz pocketed $385,000 for a race that ended in less than 30 seconds. Chump change for a man that turned down 6 figures because he wouldn’t shave his beard.

His cult like social media following was built on the backs of blonde bombshells. His Instagram account is littered with gorgeous women showing off their “upgraded parts” and skimpy thongs. His James Bond meets Hugh Heffner persona wouldn’t be complete without scantily clad women draped over his arm like his signature Audemars Piguet. He eats sushi off naked woman and has the poolside pictures to prove it. The women are just another part of the lavish lifestyle he calls “pretty normal”.

Love him or hate him, he’s pure entertainment. Whether you think he’s a superficial stud, struggling actor, poker playboy or spoiled brat…one thing is for certain, he’s living life on his own terms.

“Ballers gonna’ ball, haters gonna’ hate”.


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