Daily Fantasy Sports and Poker, a Comparison

While poker is still shut down in most parts of the United States, many avid players have switched to another alternative – Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).  Some of the world’s greatest poker players, like Mike Leah and Jonathan Aguiar, have achieved great success playing daily fantasy sports.  But how does it compare to poker, and does a successful poker player translate into a successful fantasy sports player?

As an online poker player, when you join a DFS site, such as DraftKings, it may feel like home.  There are multiple formats from which to choose, including big tournaments, 50/50 games, sit-n-go setups, and head-to-head contests.  Just like in online poker, the multitude of formats allows for a player to find and play to their biggest strengths.  The DraftKings interface happens to feel like the top poker sites in the world, comparable to the quality of http://ca.888poker.com.

The experience of handling a poker bankroll will come in handy as you move up in DFS stakes.  There is a wide-range of buy-in levels, including freerolls and one dollar games, as well as entries worth over $5,000 dollars.  And we are talking about guarantees that hit seven figures.  Just ask James Tran of Los Angeles, who won $1,000,000 on DraftKings right before this past Christmas!  Much like a poker player uses a HUD, or keeps tabs on the competition; Tran used spreadsheets that contained over 3,000 rows of player data to help score big.  There is still plenty of money to be made, including special DraftKings offers, such as a chance to win seats to World Poker Tour events.

Daily Fantasy Sports is like poker, skill plays a huge role

Much like poker, fantasy sports involves numbers, strategy, and of course, gambling.  We use our skill and know-how in order to win.  Understanding pot odds, implied odds, and proper value at the poker table will help you construct the optimal fantasy sports lineup, night in and night out.  Hard work, discipline, and belief in the process, can all help make a successful fantasy player.  All this happens to make a successful poker player too.

Fantasy sports, like poker, has its weak and strong players.  And with DFS, you now have the opportunity to test yourself against the competition.  DraftKings gives us the chance to win money every day by allowing us to use our knowledge and skill against real life competitors.   So if you like sports, enjoy having fun, and love winning some money, now is the time to take your strengths at the poker table, and transfer them over to DraftKings.

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