Matt Glantz Gives Free Shares Of Himself And Talks 2013 WSOP And Parx Big Stax III

We recently hopped on a call with Parx Ambassador and 2009 EPT High Roller Event winner Matt Glantz to find out how he is giving pieces of himself away through his new promo, how he fared in this summer’s WSOP as well as the changes he’s implemented in the third Parx Big Stax series.

“I like to win money for other people” Matt reveals. He certainly does – the new promo he started on his Facebook page is proof. Seven lucky winners will get the following prizes simply by signing up to his newsletter:

1st place          3% of Matt Glantz’s 2013 Parx Big Stax $1k tournament winnings *

2nd place         2% of Matt Glantz’s 2013 Parx Big Stax $1k tournament winnings *

3rd place         1% of Matt Glantz’s 2013 Parx Big Stax $1k tournament winnings *

4th place          Parx Giveaway Hoodie **

5th place          Parx Giveaway Hoodie **

6th place          Parx Giveaway Cap **

7th place          Parx Giveaway Cap **

* Prize is only available if Matt Glantz finishes in the money in the 2013 Parx Big Stax $1k tournament

** Prize has to be picked up at Parx Casino

Click the following link to go to his promo where you can get more information and just need to leave your email address and name to sign up:

Glantz’s success in the 2013 World Series of Poker

In regards to this year’s World Series of Poker, Matt fared pretty well overall.

“I played about 15 events; I cashed in 3 of them”. Fortunately for him one of those happened to be a deep run in the $111,111 One Drop High Roller.

“That’s a good one to finish in the money rather than outside. I got a little unlucky at the end there but it was a nice run”, he continued.

His efforts in this biggest buy-in tournament of the 2013 WSOP earned him a 13th place finish and a solid $251k. Not only that, but he also had a piece of Chris Klodnicki who finished in 2nd place for just under a whopping $3m.

Klodnicki also happened to be one of the top 35 pros that Matt and Allen Bari chose to lay odds on winning a WSOP bracelet in their blog post on ESPN. However, out of the 35 pros, only one took home a bracelet – Daniel Alaei (although to be fair, six of them finished runner-up). When asked what he thought about this, Matt admitted, “it was for entertainment purposes only, we weren’t betting on those numbers” and that the actual odds he would place on those players would likely be “a half to a third of the percentages we put up there”. He also wanted to air on the high side of the numbers to prevent any of the pros getting upset.

His opinion on WSOP Mixed Games and what to expect at the 2014 WSOP

Matt is known for his extensive experience with Mixed Games, and he had a thing or two to say about the buy-in structures of this year’s events at the WSOP.

“I played less events than ever before in the last five years, because there weren’t any 10k’s.”

Based on his blog post about WSOP Mixed Games, we wrote an article about his rationale for why $1.5k and $10k buy-in events should replace the $2.5k and $5k events, which essentially explained why the former events would be better for pros and amateurs alike. He further revealed that he presented his ideas to the World Series of Poker Executive Director, Ty Stewart. There is a good chance some of his recommended changes will take effect in next year’s WSOP.

When asked what he thought about adding Open Face Chinese to the list of games at the WSOP, he wasn’t in favor of it:

“I love Open Face Chinese, I play it all the time, but to me it’s not a poker game, it’s just a puzzle game. There’s no real game theory or bluffing. It’s not really poker so I wouldn’t think it necessarily has to be part of the World Series.”

Changes to the Parx Big Stax III

Matt has been the leading force behind his own poker series, namely the Parx Big Stax. We took the opportunity to ask him for the 411 on the Parx Big Stax III, which started on Thursday, August 1. Several things have changed in this series, such as a larger number of smaller buy-in events, a $1k event replacing the usual $1.5k Main Event and the emergence of a charity tournament supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

“We just want to make everyone as happy as possible”, Matt told us when asked about the changes. He went on to say that while changes were spurred by fan’s feedback, all changes made to the schedule balance the three goals of making players happier, attracting more players and creating bigger prize pools.

Matt himself will be playing in the $300 Big Stax and of course, the $1k Big Stax Main Event, since the winners of his promotion will have pieces of him in the latter tournament. He will likely not be playing the $500, because around that time he will be travelling to upstate New York to participate in the filming Poker Night In America, a series of episodes where he will be joined by the likes of Vanessa Rousso, Gavin Smith and Phil Laak.

That’s it for this Exclusive piece on Matt Glantz, but don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions you’d like him to answer next time we interview him!

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