Poker Expert Jared Tendler to Provide Free Live Online Workshop

The mental game of poker expert and sports psychologist Jared Tendler will be providing a free live online workshop on ‘Conquering Tilt’ on October 17, 2013 at 8PM UTC.

Join me tomorrow for a FREE seminar on tilt. Other top poker instructors will be presenting too, including @DCkrantz.

– Jared Tendler (@jaredtendler) October 16, 2013

Apart from poker expert Jared Tendler, this interactive workshop will feature Jay Rosenkrantz, Ryan (yourdoom), Gordon Gekko and David (omgclaydoll) Yan and will provide participants a unique opportunity to ask real time questions. Participants are required to sign up for the free live online workshop and validate their email address to complete registration. With over seven years of experience as a performance coach and a sports psychologist, poker expert Jared Tendler has helped players improve and exceed their goals. Don’t miss out on this free opportunity!

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