The Phil Ivey Net Worth Calculator

The most recognizable face in poker has made headlines for more than just his world class skills on the felt, the tabloids stay glued to Mr. Phil Ivey. Through his recent divorce and litigation process against two prominent casinos, the poker paparazzi stayed hot on his trail. PokerFaceNews covered his name in the headlines, but didn’t divulge the nuts and bolts of Phil’s bankroll. Before Black Friday, the “Tiger of Woods of poker” seemed to have unlimited access to cash. The age old cliche poker question, “how much is your bankroll?” prompted PokerFaceNews to dig deeper into the mysterious Phil Ivey net worth.

The greatest player in the game has built his image with a guarded sense of self-worth, the majestic aura that surrounds Phil Ivey is built from keeping his gambling winnings (and losses) close to the vest. Perhaps that’s why the “Phil Ivey net worth” is an imaginary number, he’s managed to conceal his bank account with a protective armor built around his personal finances. New age poker brought a slew of up and coming young players distracted with individual titles and extreme notoriety. While self-promotion runs rampant through today’s poker landscape, Phil Ivey lets actions speak louder than words. The 9 WSOP gold bracelets, 1 WPT title and live poker earnings that exceed $20,000,000 need no introduction.

While the cagey shield built around Phil’s actual net worth stays protected, his poker tournament prowess is public information spread across every media outlet that tracks big pots and bad beats. Online poker forums and high-stakes databases follow every pot, especially on the virtual felt. According to multiple US online poker reports, Phil Ivey is just shy of $20,000,000 in online winnings. This number is spread across multiple sessions versus some of the best players on the planet.

He ended last year a high note, he booked $350k+ wins in back to back weeks online. His game is the perfect blend of old school finesse and new school aggression, a recipe for huge financial gain. The “Phil Ivey net worth” has garnered attention from everybody eager to peek into his inside world, $100 million is the number that gets tossed around. With Phil’s hybrid style and competitive drive, that figure may be closer to fact than fiction.

The mystery surrounding his net worth is all part of the mystical makeup we love about Phil. While we stay one bluff ahead, so does Ivey…

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