When Poker Couples Break up: Liv Boeree Boyfriend Drama


Even Poker Players Have Hearts – Liv Boeree’s Boyfriend is Proof

The world of poker is a colorful one, and I’m not referring to Daniel Negreanu’s blow up about the FCOTD rule or Dwan’s $4 million loss in one day at Macau. What I am talking about is the drama that goes on between poker pros, railbirds and everyone in between when it comes to matters of the heart. And yes, you read that correctly, poker players do have hearts – enter the boyfriend of Liv Boeree.

Even in the busy world of grinding chips and building bankrolls, the naughty god of love, Cupid, somehow manages to sneak in and shoot arrows at unsuspecting poker pros. Believe it or not, some poker couples met while competing against each other. Read on to find out about arguably the most famous example – the ex power couple Liv Boeree and Kevin MacPhee.

Not so long ago, we wrote an article about the Liv Boeree boyfriend drama that was made very public by MacPhee himself. Everyone in the poker world had a field day about it but it was MacPhee who was left hurting in the end. Before things got worse, the couple did have a sweet love story that was worth telling. However, in the unfortunate turn out of events, the sweetness grew sour – and eventually bitter with a capital B.

Let us take a few steps back though and recap how the lovers first met and why & how things might have started going wrong.

It started off as a “whirlwind romance”. They first met at the NAPT Bounty Shootout in Los Angeles and later became friends after coincidentally meeting at a church in Barcelona. Just a few days later they started going out. A little too fast? And within less than a month of dating, Liv Boeree and boyfriend Kevin MacPhee spent Christmas with Liv’s family in Prague. Yep, too fast.

If their story was a movie, it would have left hopeless romantics breathless, what with the idea of serendipity playing a hand in their love story.

“I do miss him when we’re not together though. So we try to keep that to a minimum,” Liv Boeree once said.

But oh how quickly the Liv Boeree boyfriend fairytale changed from this:

To this:

MacPhee was ranting on Twitter, but who could blame him? And if shooting someone was legal, I’d bet on my life that the Liv Boeree boyfriend drama could have gone from bad to worse:

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