Jared Reinstein Wins Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Main Event

Jared Reinstein, a semi-professional poker player from Tallahassee, has won the $1,100 buy-in Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville main event for $75,714.

Reinstein outlasted a starting field of 378 entries, which created a prize pool of $366,660. The event easily surpassed the $200,000 guarantee. Last year’s event had a $280,330 prize pool from 289 entrants. Amazingly, Reinstein finished eighth in last year’s event.

Jeremy Reed, of Lexington, SC, was able to survive with a short stack for a good portion of the final table to finish second to Reinstein.

There was a final-table deal. When play was three-handed, Reinstein, Reed and Alexis Courtois agreed to give Reinstein first place money ($75,714), while Reed and Courtois would split second place money ($53,018). Both Reed and Courtois were severely short-stacked with just a handful of big blinds, while Reinstein had a monster stack.

Courtois was eliminated in short order after the agreement, and then Reed was felted in second a couple of hands later. On the final hand, Reed was all in with K-Q off suit against Reinstein’s A-7. The board ran out A-6-2-9-5, giving Jared the pot and the win.

Reinstein played extremely solid poker at the final table. He was on the right side of a coin flip with A-K against fifth-place finisher Bob Woodward’s pocket sevens. It was for about half of the 9,450,000 chips in play. Reinstein flopped a king and it held to give him a massive chip lead.

Reinstein entered the final table sixth out of nine. Going into day 2, he was 66th in chips out of 81, so he did a good job surviving throughout the four-day event.

The tournament began on Friday and featured two starting days.

Here’s a look at the final table results:

1. Jared Reinstein: $75,71
2. Jeremy Reed: $53,018
3. Alexis Courtois: $34,086
4. Albert Destrade: $22,456
5. Bob Woodward: $17,292
6. Joseph Dichiaro: $14,321
7. Danny Wilson: $12,001
8. Tracy Bass: $9,779
9. Nghia Le: $7,571



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