Insider Interview With Mark Hoke, Popular Poker Radio Personality – Part 2

In part 1 of this interview we learnt a few things about Mark Hoke – his inspirations, his love for comics, and the events in his life which led to his success. He also told us about the most important traits that poker players should have in order to succeed. Part 2 will look more closely at his broadcasting talents as well as his latest radio show, “The Mark Hoke Show”.

Mark Hoke always gets amazed when he sees how top poker players grind for 5 days and either double their money or simply walk away after a string of bad beats. With many historical bad beats that have happened in so many tournaments, it always astonishes him how people respond to such situations and according to him, that’s what sets a good professional apart from a great professional.

“The players who are able to break that down and take that last moment of getting knocked out of a tournament, forget about it, to be able to separate defeat after defeat… I have so much respect for those guys because it really shows the determination and heart that you need to be able to compartmentalize that…”

As for the World Series of Poker, this year was the second time Mark broadcasted the entire event. While he truly enjoyed the moments where he got to observe some of the great victories, the series sometimes also gave him a hard time:

“I’ve watched many people I’ve had on the show and people who are my friends struggle and it’s very hard to watch them have a tough time at the WSOP along with the top professionals.”

According to him, it was “a blessing and a curse” because as much as he would have liked to see everyone succeed, seeing his friends and people he cared about who were playing in the event experience a tough time for 7 weeks was just something he had to endure.

“When you look at great guys, for instance last year, Phil Hellmuth and Ivey both struggled. Daniel Negreanu struggles at times here and when you know that even the greats are not immune to it, it’s tough to see those guys getting beat up for 7 weeks and going home…its rough, it’s very hard.”

When it comes to broadcasts, the longest one that Mark Hoke ever did was a total of 16 hours with just a 1 hour break in between. He started the show at 11am and it did not finish until around 3:30am the next morning. Despite the long hours, he found it interesting because that particular broadcast was about reporting the mix-max tournament where he got down to the top 3 players, namely 2006 WPT $10,000 NLHE champion Joe Tehan, 2013 WSOP $111,111 NLHE – One Drop High Roller runner up Chris Klodnicki and 2009 WSOP $5,000 NLHE runner up & Team Ivey pro Andrew Lichtenberger.

“Their chips had piled up so high and these guys were 100 plus BB deep and it just took forever for Tehan to get eliminated and then they had the best of 3 heads-up and it just wouldn’t stop! By the time it finished, I don’t know what I was saying!”

According to Mark, the challenge of broadcasting is to try to keep going and going while at the same time making the show interesting for everybody. He acknowledged the fact that although broadcasts cannot be perfect he considers them as fun challenges that he loves to take on.

“I get a kick out of it, I think the harder it is the more exciting it sounds!”

Many people prefer to record podcasts and edit them before they play them, but Mark likes it live.  He thinks that live broadcasts are not only fun and exciting but that they also capture unique spontaneity.

“The fun of doing a show live… there’s just nothing like it, it’s an incredible challenge”

As to “The Mark Hoke Show” which debuted on “KLAV 1230AM” on the 3rd of October at 10am PT, Mark expressed his excitement about finally being live on a real radio station. He will be doing shows every Thursday at 10am PST on “KLAV 1230AM” in Las Vegas. His shows will consist of news, featured guests, panel discussions, games, strategy sessions and guest segments.

Already lined up for the show are several reputable people from the poker industry. Poker legend Mike Sexton was lined up for the first show, 2005 WPT $10,000 NLHE champion Gavin Smith will participate in the second and the official UFC Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer will be calling in for the third show.

According to Mark, the show will try to get the best people in the poker industry to do panel discussions. It will be aired on “KLAV 1230AM” and broadcasted on Rogue-wire – a site put together by Mark’s webmaster that has news, sports, entertainment, podcasts and lots of poker shows. 

“It’s going to be something special. I’ve heard a lot of poker shows that have been on the radio and I think we’re going to be doing something that is going to be pretty unique to the industry and I’m looking forward to bringing that to everybody just like I have for the last 2 years!”

The one thing among others that Mark thinks is going to be very interesting is the panel discussion. For him, one great aspect of having known so many people in the industry is getting the opportunity of bringing them in a group that is very diverse and offers lots of great opinions.

“I don’t see a lot of that done where you try to bring a lot of people together for a group discussion, some have it but I think…well we’re going to have some fun! There’s going to be some serious moments but we’re in Las Vegas! Aside from poker, there’s so much to talk about…”

In addition to the panel discussions Mark wants to put a general focus on Las Vegas, a place where everybody in the poker industry really wants to make it big. According to him, if a person wants to be known as one of the greats in the game of poker, that person has to succeed in Las Vegas. To add an extra flair to his show as well as give everybody an idea of the life in Las Vegas, Mark has other exciting plans and tricks up his sleeve which he believes will set his show apart from the rest. 

.We thank Mark for his time in doing this revealing interview with us and everyone at PokerFaceNews wishes him all the best in his future endeavors, not the least being “The Mark Hoke Show” which we all tuned into. Don’t forget to tune into “The Mark Hoke Show” , which debuted on “KLAV 1230AM” on the 3rd of October at 10am PT, and get a chance to hear some of the greatest stories from the world of poker. Meanwhile don’t forget to like Mark Hoke on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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